Curious about why cats love catnip? Well you came to the right spot. 


Here is a little background on plant. Catnip is a type of herb that belongs to the same family as oregano and spearmint, it is also known as “catmint” and grow up to a metre in height. 


The actual scientific name for catnip is Nepeta Cataria. This was a roman herb that was used in medicinal tea that was used for digestive and respiratory problems. It wasn’t until much later on that it was brought to America and grown as crops for tea and herbal medications. The plant has been used to help treat insomnia, arthritis, cramps and headaches for centuries. 


Catnip toys for cats are made with either catnip leaves or catnip oil, this gives a cat more energy as soon as it is sniffed, licked or chewed. Contact with catnip often leads to more head and body movements and more purrs, this ends up leading to your cat having a very playful attitude for about ten minutes on average.  




This oil is in catnip and evaporates when a cat’s mouth, body or paws come into contact with. This creates the smell that when sniffed, enters the brain area of the cat. If this name sounds familiar it also helps with driving away insects, such as mosquitoes.  




It is said that the genes in cats not their breed have something to do with a cat’s hyperactive reaction to catnip.  


Physical & Psychological Benefits 

[Text Wrapping Break]Catnip has a calming effect on cats after the ten-minute high, it can also help deal with stress. While giving cats a sharper instinct, catnip mice and other catnip toys can help promote good health with regular interactive playtime and exercise. It can also be a tool to help with positive reinforcement, let’s say you don’t want your cat wandering around in areas of the house they shouldn’t be in, use catnip oil to mark their territory and help them stay put.  


On the other hand there are some cats that don’t react to catnip, majority of the time they are kittens younger than eight weeks and senior cats. Catnip is also something that should not be used for cats with seizures, as well as cats that are pregnant (this can cause contractions that may result in early labour). If you want the potentyc of the catnip to last longer, it is best to keep it sealed in an airtight container or ziploc bag and stored in a freezer. 


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